Gigs happening in Dublin City will take place in a multitude of venues, such as The National Stadium, National Museum of Ireland, The Button Factory, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Collins Barracks, Dublin Castle, The Pepper Canister Church, GPO Museum, and The Grand Social.

Some of the events are unticketed and will work on a first-come basis on the evening. Tickets for other events are also on sale now at

Check out the full list of gigs below.

Wednesday 25 January

Fintan Warfield - 6pm Fitzsimons

Dubh Lee - 6pm The Auld Dubliner

Leila Jane - 6pm The Fleet Hotel

Lorraine Nash - 6pm The Morgan

Bróna Keogh - 6pm The Norseman

The Kilkennys - 6pm The Old Storehouse

Tulua - 6pm Gogartys

Nóiníní - 5:30pm The Temple Bar

Laytha - 6pm The Bad Ass Cafe

Paddy Casey - 6pm The Porterhouse

Thursday 26 January

Stockton’s Wing - 6pm Arlington O'Connell St

Drops of Green - 6pm Fitzsimons

The Kilkennys - 6pm The Auld Dubliner

Síomha - 6pm The Fleet Hotel

The Finns - 6pm The Morgan

MEGA-Trad - 6pm The Norseman

Tulua - 6pm The Old Storehouse

Paddy Casey - 6pm Gogartys

Nóiníní - 6pm The Bad Ass Cafe

The Jeremiahs - 6pm The Porterhouse

The Colonials - 6pm The Temple Bar

Friday 27 January

SuperCéilí - 6pm Fitzsimons

Stockton’s Wing - 6pm Gogartys

The Jeremiahs - 6pm The Auld Dubliner

The Henry Girls - 6pm The Fleet Hotel

Síomha - 6pm The Morgan

The Colonials - 6pm The Norseman

Tulua - 6pm The Bad Ass Cafe

Drops of Green - 6pm The Temple Bar

Saturday 28 January

Ukulele Tuesday - 4pm Arlington O'Connell St

SuperCéilí - 6pm Fitzsimons

Drops of Green - 4pm Gogartys

The Finns - 4pm The Auld Dubliner

Polly Barrett - 4pm The Fleet Hotel

The Henry Girls - 4pm The Morgan

The Jeremiahs - 4pm The Norseman

Paddy Casey - 4pm The Old Storehouse

Tulua - 4pm The Porterhouse

Stockton’s Wing - 4pm The Bad Ass Cafe

The Kilkennys - 4pm The Temple Bar

Sunday 29 January

Cailíní Lua - 3pm Arlington O'Connell St

Stockton’s Wing - 3pm Fitzsimons

Drops of Green - 3pm The Auld Dubliner

The Henry Girls - 3pm Gogartys

The Finns - 3pm The Fleet Hotel

Polly Barrett - 3pm The Morgan

Nóiníní - 3pm The Norseman

Ukulele Tuesday - 3pm The Old Storehouse

The Kilkennys - 3pm The Porterhouse

The Jeremiahs - 3pm The Bad Ass Cafe

Paddy Casey - 3pm The Temple Bar