Tighe went missing in Portugal in July of 2020. At the time, she was living in a hostel. A hostel worker said Jean said she was going to meet a male Brazilian friend when she left the hostel for the last time.

She was living in Lisbon for some months at the time of her disappearance and was first reported missing by her now-late boyfriend.

Jean has yet to be added to the Portuguese missing persons list, and the family believe the Portuguese authorities are not taking her disappearance seriously. Cavan TD Brendan Smith has highlighted the issue to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“We need the Portuguese police to pull out all the stops. We were told they wouldn’t put her on the missing persons list because they were investigating her disappearance and didn’t want to alarm any potential suspects.

According to the Irish Mirror, Jean’s sister, Leona, said: “We are very frustrated by the police investigation.

“We have not heard from her in two and a half years and have no idea where she is. All we know is she left the hostel to go to meet a Brazilian friend and we don’t know who he is.

“The police apparently didn’t go down to the hostel to interview witnesses after she was reported missing by her boyfriend. We believe she vanished on July 13,2020.

“The police keep telling us that Jean has the right to go missing. Three backpackers who disappeared after her are on the missing persons list.

“We have been told the local police won’t do more unless our Government puts pressure on them.

“We would urge the Irish Government to intervene and do more.

“My family are heartbroken and devastated. It has taken its toll on everyone.

“Something terrible could have happened to Jean and we don’t know.”