The results will be released in increments, beginning with a summary of results that will be released on Tuesday, 30th May.

The results summary will be followed by a number of reports revolving around certain themes, such as Housing and Population Distribution.

The census is taken every five years in Ireland with the last one before Census 2022 occurring in 2016. Census 2022 was due to take place in 2021 but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year’s census was the first in Irish history to include a “time capsule”, which allowed census-takers to write a confidential message that will not be available to the public for 100 years.

Census 2022 – Release Dates

Summary Results, 30th May 2023,

Population Distribution and Movement, 29th June,

Housing in Ireland, 27th July,

Households, Families, and Childcare, 31st August,

Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS), 21st September,

Disability, Health, and Carers, 28th September,

Place of Work, School, College – Census of Anonymised Records (POWSCAR), 19th October,

Diversity, Migration, Ethnicity, Irish Travellers, and Religion, 26th October,

Homelessness, 16th November,

Employment, Occupations, Commuting, 30th November,

The Irish Language and Education, 19th December.

All results will be available on the CSO website from 11am on their release date.