The culprits stole the massive cone from a store at Glencar Shopping Centre, on Sunday May 21st at 6:23am. CCTV footage shows two males covering their faces with hoods and a female with a pink zipped-up top and pink tracksuit bottoms. Gardaí have been going through hundreds of images in an effort to track them down.

Garda Grainne Doherty is sure the giant ice cream cone cannot escape notice, hoping that residents may be able to provide sightings of the culprits or their ice cream. “Somebody has seen this cone. If a giant ice cream cone has appeared in your living room or your friends’ apartment, somebody knows about this.”

Gda Doherty requested for the cooperation of the culprits, “These things are quite expensive, and times are hard for businesses. We are anxious to have this item returned to the owner. To whoever did take it, it might have been a moment of madness, drop it back.”