according to Drew Harris, the Garda commissioner, and Helen McEntee, the minister of justice, attended the event at the Garda headquarters in Dublin's Phoenix Park. Michael D. Higgins also attended.

More than 1,800 garda and Garda staff members have lost their lives in the line of duty since the Irish police force was established in 1922, and their names are commemorated on the updated Garda Monument of Remembrance.

The memorial service was held on Saturday afternoon, and some of the Garda personnel whose names are on the monument were in attendance.

During the ceremony, three people read reflections.

As part of the celebrations for the Garda's centenary, the monument underwent restoration.

President Higgins expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to attend.

"We owe a special obligation of gratitude to everyone who works for Garda Siochana and all of our emergency services", he said.

"Everyone who devotes their working lives to An Garda Siochana contributes to the public good, protecting our citizens from harm and helping them through what are frequently the darkest and most trying times for communities and citizens alike."

He added: “As President of Ireland, on behalf of all the people of Ireland, I thank them for their service.

"By remembering those who were taken in the most unexpected and, in some cases, most brutal of circumstances, we are reminded of the bravery that is exemplified by all those who have dedicated their lives to public safety, knowing that they could, at any time, find themselves in the most trying of situations."

In 1966, the first Monument to Remembrance was unveiled.

It was a typical scene in Phoenix Park, according to Ms. McEntee.

She continued, "But despite its familiarity, it is extremely probable that we have not appreciated its significance or taken a moment to consider its solemn significance.

“So today gives us a welcome opportunity to do that.”

The clergyman addressed the gathering and spoke of the sadness of the lives lost and the suffering currently experienced by their loved ones and coworkers.

I understand that remembering might be difficult and upsetting for some people, she acknowledged.

"I understand that the hurt and sense of loss that come with the passing of a loved one, particularly one who was younger, never truly leave any of us.

It is not only a list of names on this memorial. Each individual was a dearly loved parent, father, mother, brother, sister, friend, and coworker, as well as a wife or husband.

"While this day and this monument may be tinged with melancholy, they can also serve as a great source of pride and joy.

"I hope this is a chance for all of you here today to reflect on the best of times."

According to Mr. Harris, the occasion offered a chance to remember the lives lost.

He stated, "Their lives meant so much to so many.

"I hope that as we approach this monument each day, we will consider the people whose names are engraved here.

"I also hope that it will make all Garda members reflect on their own work and the crucial part we all play in ensuring the safety of the public."