The HSE has stated that it is safe to have both vaccines at the same time. The HSE has recommended older individuals, at-risk groups, persons who are pregnant or have a long-term health problem to get both shots.

Over 50s should have the Covid-19 booster shot, a brand-new monovalent vaccination from Pfizer-BioNTech that has been approved by NIAC.

According to the HSE, the new vaccine provides higher protection and "a substantially improved antibody response against certain Covid variants."

For people over 65, the flu vaccine is advised.

People can avail of both vaccines from participating GPs and pharmacies, while vaccination clinics will also be held in many workplaces across the country.

The HSE also has teams on hand to provide both vaccines to those who may be housebound, or who are living in nursing homes.

"This winter both the flu and Covid-19 viruses are expected to circulate. It is very important that all those who are invited, get both their free flu and Covid-19 booster vaccines," said HSE National Immunisation Lead Dr Lucy Jessop.

"The viruses that cause the flu and Covid-19 are different, although both viruses can lead to significant disease. It's important to convince people that receiving two shots at once is safe.

Next Monday will also see the release of a children's nasal spray flu vaccination, which will be offered at partnering GPs and pharmacies to kids between the ages of 2 and 12.

This year, as part of the program's expansion, the vaccine will be provided to all primary-age special school students as well as senior infants.