RTÉ conducts an editorial evaluation at the conclusion of each series to make sure the audience is receiving the best possible service and to revitalise and update its schedule.

The broadcaster stated that everyone concerned, including the experts and stakeholders, was informed of the decision about Operation Transformation a few weeks ago.

2008 saw the debut of the programme, with Gerry Ryan choosing contestants live on his RTÉ 2FM broadcast.

In 2012, Kathryn Thomas took over as host of the series after Ryan passed away.

A weekly health check-in was conducted for leaders in a recent series, at which time a number of other health indicators were observed.

Dr. Eddie Murphy, a clinical psychologist, dietitian Sophie Pratt, medical practitioner Dr. Sumi Dunne, and fitness guru Karl Henry were all included in the show's last series, which aired earlier this year.

“We'd like to extend a huge thank you to all of the leaders who have participated in the series over the past 17 seasons and to the public who engaged with the series in huge numbers throughout Ireland,” said Grainne McAleer, RTÉ's commissioning editor.

“While we are pleased with the beneficial effects the programme has had on people and communities all throughout the nation, we believe it is time to update and revitalise what we have to offer viewers.”

Later in the year, RTÉ stated that it will reveal a new series for January 2025.