Taylor Swift's concerts at Estádio da Luz generated a significant economic impact, on the weekend of May 24th to 26th, mainly in the hotel sector and tourist activities, in the Lisbon district, which grew 22%, compared to the weekend previous. Americans, Irish, English, French, and Spanish were those who spent the most in the Lisbon region in the period under analysis.

The data comes from Reduniq Insights, a report from Reduniq, presented as the largest national acceptance network for national and foreign cards and a Unicre brand. According to the analysis, transactions (+49%) and turnover (+34%) from foreign cards, in Lisbon, soared on the day of the North American singer's debut, on May 24th, when compared to the previous Friday.

The municipalities of Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais, and Loures registered an increase in the number of foreign transactions of 52%, 44%, 42% and 39%, respectively. Regarding foreign turnover, the same municipalities recorded growth of 38%, 28%, 12% and 10%, respectively.

When analysing the two days of concerts, Reduniq concluded that turnover from foreign cards in Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais, Sintra, and Loures increased by 14%, 14%, 11%, 10%, and 5%, respectively, when compared to the last weekend. In the case of Lisbon, in particular, it was visitors from the USA (11%), Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, and Spain, who had a more significant weight in the total revenue recorded.

“From this list, almost all of them increased their turnover compared to the previous weekend, except France. The USA grew by 56%, Ireland by 30%, the United Kingdom by 15% and Spain by 78%”, says the report.

The period between May 24th and 26th represented 22% more revenue in the hotel sector and tourist activities in the Lisbon district as a whole when compared to the previous weekend. Here too, foreigners had the greatest weight (24%).

In the municipality of Lisbon, where the concerts took place, the most economically boosted activities were perfumery and pharmaceuticals with an increase of 61% and 54%, respectively. The hotel and tourist activities sector grew 29%, while the catering sector rose 23%.