Flogas, an Irish provider of commercial and industrial energy as well as sustainable biomethane for transportation, will run the new station.

Located at FoodCentral in St Margaret's, the 2,900 square metre facility can fuel up to 50 heavy-duty vehicles (HGVs) every day using a single dual-sided high-speed dispenser, according to the business.

When the station is fully operational, it will save annual greenhouse gas emissions by almost 9,000 tonnes when compared to HGVs that run on diesel.

According to the firm, up to 90% less carbon emissions are produced by HGVs using bio-CNG. The announcement follows the release of the government's new National Biomethane Strategy, which aims to facilitate the delivery of up to 5.7 Terrwatt Hours (TWh) of biomethane produced domestically by 2030.

The decarbonisation of Ireland's road haulage industry, which accounts for 20.7% of the country's emissions from road transport, will be aided by bio-CNG.

The anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in Ireland and Europe will provide the station with sustainable fuel. The Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme has only authorised Flogas as an energy provider in Ireland to supply Bio-CNG.

The Renewable Gas Certification programme seeks to validate the GHG emission reduction and raw material feedstock provenance claims made by businesses that offer renewable fuels to heavy-duty vehicle and equipment users.

The new location will be open around-the-clock and run by Flogas' sister firm Certa. In Ireland, Flogas now provides four Circle K refuelling pumps using renewable biomethane.