The lack of appropriate studios and workplaces has long been a problem for community organisations and artists.

The cash, which will be made available to local authorities under a new pilot programme to encourage the construction of suitable spaces in existing derelict buildings, was announced by Minister for the Arts Catherine Martin.

According to research her department has been doing over the past few years, there is a severe lack of creative spaces and a large gap between the supply and demand for workplaces for artists.

Numerous heavily populated regions, such as Cork City Council and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown, will get capital grants up to a maximum of €300,000, while the remaining local authorities will receive payments of up to €150,00.

It happens at the same time as artists are planning a protest in Dublin to voice their annoyance over what they claim to be a persistent lack of creative venues in the city. These artists are requesting more assistance from large-scale developers, who they claim are altering the inner-city infrastructure, in order to support their artistic endeavours.

They are also requesting further assistance from the government and Dublin City Council.