The animal, native to South America, was born on May 26 to mother Emilia. This brings the zoo’s Pudu family to three, following Emilia’s arrival from Chester Zoo in June last year and the father’s birth in Belfast in May 2020.

The baby, yet to be named, Is in good health along with her mother. The zoo has shared images of the fawn adapting to its new environment.

Known as the “world’s smallest deer,” a female Pudu typically gives birth to one fawn annually after a gestation period of about seven months. Newborns are born with their eyes open and can stand shortly after birth. The mother cares for her young alone, and the fawns are weaned at 2 months old, reaching full size by 3 months. They may stay with their mother for 8 to 12 months.

Pudu fawns have white flecks on their backs for camouflage, which fade as they grow older. As the smallest deer species, Pudus are adept jumpers, swimmers, and masters of camouflage, making them fascinating members of the animal kingdom.