The Bandon native unveiled the sizable waterside plaque they made alongside elderly residents of the HSE Bandon Day Care Centre and nearby Transition Year students at the town's Allin Institute.

The multigenerational monument, named “Light to Dark - Womb to Light, Every Spring Rebirths,” was made as a component of Creative Bandon's “Making Meaning of Covid project.”

The tablet, which is made of Kilkenny stone, is filled with clay tiles that the participants made to represent the friends, routines, and everyday activities that got them through the epidemic.

Graham Norton wrapped up by saying: “Particularly young people and older people who were disproportionately affected. Young people lost out on learning their social skills, soaking up all the world has to offer, and older people, who at the best of times can feel lonely or isolated.”

“So, it is terrific that this is being memoralized today with this beautiful artwork. It is in memory I guess of what we all went through, what we sacrificed, and the people and things that we lost so congratulations to Creative Bandon, congratulations to all the old people and the Transistion Year students that took part and I am thrilled to be here to unveil it, there are refreshments somewhere...don't run!”

“Thank you very much, everyone.”