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Permission Granted for 502 Apartments in Poolbeg

A significant boost has been given to plans to rehabilitate the former Irish Glass Bottle site at Poolbeg in Dublin for more... In News, Property, Rep. Ireland - 14 Jul 2024, 08:01

New RTÉ North West Correspondent Announced

In News, Rep. Ireland - 11 Jul 2024, 16:01

Rep. Ireland

Government formally approves co-operation with Omagh inquiry

The Cabinet has officially agreed to support the UK’s inquiry into the Omagh bombing. In News, Rep. Ireland - 11 Jul 2024, 08:01

The 10th Comeraghs Wild Festival is Taking Place

One of the attractions of this year's 10th anniversary Comeraghs Wild Festival is an... In News, Rep. Ireland - 10 Jul 2024, 16:01

Media committee makes recommendation to abolish TV licence fee

In News, Rep. Ireland - 07 Jul 2024, 08:01

Ireland's Virtual Record Treasury releases 25,000 new historical records

In News, Rep. Ireland - 06 Jul 2024, 14:01

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Caelan Doris to captain Ireland against South Africa

Caelan Doris will lead an Ireland team without the influential centre Bundee Aki for Saturday’s second Test against world... In Sport - 13 Jul 2024, 12:01

Euro 2024: Spain and England set to clash in Euro 2024 final

Sunday will see the conclusion of the 2024 European Championships as Spain will play... In Sport

Euro 2024: Spain beat France, England beat the Netherlands

The Semi-Finals of Euro 2024 has come to an end.  In Sport

Who will make the final of Euro2024?

In Sport

Davis Thompson wins the John Deere Classic

In Sport

Other Rep. Ireland Articles

Increase in car registrations

Sales of new electric cars dropped by 25 percent in the first half of this year compared... In News, Rep. Ireland - 02 Jul 2024, 14:01

Retail sales down by 0.6% in May 2024

In May 2024, the volume of retail sales decreased by 0.6% compared to the previous month... In News, Business, Rep. Ireland - 02 Jul 2024, 08:01

Aer Lingus pilots will not escalate strike

Aer Lingus pilots have decided not to escalate their industrial action as both sides have... In News, Travel, Rep. Ireland - 01 Jul 2024, 14:01

Former Green Party TD Appointed as Mayor of Cork City

The Green Party has appointed Cork City Council's first Lord Mayor. Dan Boyle, a seasoned... In News, Rep. Ireland - 01 Jul 2024, 08:01

New Money Incentive Introduced to Increase Full Time Teachers

A €2,000 incentive might be provided to new instructors to entice them to apply.  In News, Education, Rep. Ireland - 30 Jun 2024, 12:01

Government sell €593m in AIB shares

The Government has sold a 5 percent stake in AIB Group, reducing its ownership in one of... In News, Rep. Ireland, Business - 30 Jun 2024, 10:01

Waterways Ireland Working to Get Rid of Fencing on Grand Canal

In News, Rep. Ireland - 29 Jun 2024, 14:01