The minister will seek to promote Ireland to US businesses as a strong economy to invest in, while also meeting with companies that already have Irish bases and operations.

Speaking ahead of his visit, the minister said: “The Irish economy is very strong at the moment, last year we saw an extra 24,000 jobs in IDA companies and that was led by the tech sector in many ways. We saw in terms of EI companies almost an extra 11,000 jobs and in terms of small companies that are relying on Local Enterprise Office supports, again we saw a net 3,500 jobs growth figure right across the country.

“The impact on Ireland so far of tech sector announcements isn’t anything like the impact on some other countries and other parts of the world, but it will impact on some people and the State will be there to support those people. We have a very strong economy at the moment and a very strong tech sector.

“The Irish economy is strong and growing, adding jobs and is at full employment. Last year we sanctioned more than 40,000 work permits, many of them to work in these multi-nationals.”

Ireland and the US already have strong economic ties, with over 800 US companies operating in Ireland. Meanwhile, Irish companies currently employ over 100 thousand people in the US.