The research showed 8.3% of private vehicles in Ireland were uninsured in 2022, representing a total of 187,803 vehicles. This was a significant increase on 2021, when that figure was 174,177.

David Fitzgerald, chief executive of the MIBI said: “Clearly not enough is being done to discourage uninsured driving in this country.

“Every single time a person drives a vehicle without insurance they are breaking the law. Yet the number of uninsured vehicles continues to rise.

"Within the last 2 years, the number of private vehicles being driven illegally without insurance has grown by more than 32,000. That is a really, really significant increase and should be a cause of concern to anyone who is interested in the rule of law and the safety of Irish roads.

“Law-abiding motorists won’t be happy to see these figures and to look at the growing trend of uninsured driving. If the current trend were to continue then we are likely to pass 200,000 uninsured vehicles in the next 12 – 18 months unless significant action is taken."

Drivers who are found to be driving an uninsured vehicle can face multiple punishments under Irish law, such as having the vehicle seized by Gardaí, penalty points (five), fines and an automatic court appearance.